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Download and edit FLV files with this comprehensive tool.

Flash video technology has revolutionized the way video is accessed on the Internet, making it lightweight and quick to view and share. As Flash video has grown in popularity, numerous programs have sprung up to help viewers make the most of it. We've seen many applications that perform a single task, such as downloading FLV files or converting them to different formats. GetFLV combines several such tools into in one program that makes it easy to download and work with FLV video files.

GetFLV's interface is not the most beautiful we've ever seen, but it's well-organized and intuitive. The program has numerous useful features that are easy to access and that work well. Users can browse multiple Flash video sites, including YouTube, Veoh, and Hulu, from within GetFLV's interface. The program makes it easy to download FLV files, but that's just the beginning. GetFLV also converts FLV files to other video formats and vice versa; extracts audio from FLV files; splits, repairs, and crops videos, and more. All of these are features that we've seen in other FLV programs, but most programs don't combine so many useful tools in once piece of software. The program's built-in Help file is decent, with plenty of screenshots. Overall, we found GetFLV to be easy to use, with many features that can be found separately but don't always come together in one program.

GetFLV has a 20-download trial limit. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users.

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