Bring Sedna's orbit into your astrological charts with this free-and-easy tool.

Astronomers discovered the asteroid 90377 Sedna in 2003, and astrologers discovered it not long after, incorporating its motions into their complex formulas for reading signs in the heavens. MysticBoard specializes in mystic and astrological utilities; its Sedna Astrology describes the newly discovered body's placement in users' birth charts. Based on the precepts of classical Western Astrology, it tracks the subtle influence that's always been exerted by Sedna's orbit but that astrologers have been unable to account for in their calculations.

Like MB's other wares, Sedna Astrology is free to download and use but includes a registration option that gives free access to the developer's online discussion groups. These forums, together with the Web-based Help file, can provide a lot of information on an admittedly arcane subject. This compact tool is extremely easy to use: enter a name and birth date, click the only available button, and a small dialog pops up describing Sedna's position in the zodiac and giving a reading of its influence on the believer's life. Back and Exit buttons round out the controls, but there are also links to the related discussion forum and to an option to add Sedna Astrology to your Web site as a fun toy and click generator.

Sedna Astrology is freeware that works well in both Vista and Windows 7. However much you're into astrology, there's no doubt that most folks find it good fun. This neat little app can bring a little current astronomy to the mysticism, which adds to the fun, too.

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