Your Mayan Day Number

Generate your Mayan Day Number with this free tool.

Software developer MysticBoard specializes in mystical and astrological utilities. Its Mayan Numerology is a free tool based on the astrological concepts of the ancient Mayan civilization. In the Mayan calendar, every day is associated with a particular name, also called a "tone," and each has certain characteristics that believers think give insights into an individual's personality. MB Mayan Numerology generates a user's Day Number based on his or her date of birth.

This free tool opens with a registration screen that enables access to the developer's online discussion forums. These forums, taken together with a Help file linked to online resources, provide considerable assistance on an esoteric subject for both neophytes and experts alike. The tool is simple: enter your name and birth date, and it returns your Day Number and symbol with an astrological reading. There's a Back button so you can change your details to get different readings or to get readings on your friends and family members, but there is not much else beyond a link to the discussion board and another to a Web site co-branding option. The latter may be the tool's most useful aspect, since it seems like an excellent traffic magnet. Whatever you believe, how is it not fun to know your Mayan Day Number and sign?

MB Mayan Numerology is freeware that works just fine in Vista and Windows 7. Whether you take advantage of the online forums or just like playing around with neat little gadgets and fun freeware, it's worth a piece of your time.

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