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Get your hands on mystic insights with this free software.

Software maker MysticBoard specializes in mystic and "esoteric" software; their Astro Palmistry combines the ancient practices of astrology and palmistry into one tool that you can use to analyze the shape of your hands and fingers and the lines on your palms for astrological insights. Most folks know about astrology, but palmistry? It's the ancient art of palm reading. While Astro Palmistry might be too "esoteric" for some, there's no doubt it's good fun, and, since it's free, you have nothing to lose by trying it, except maybe some preconceptions.

When you install Astro Palmistry, the software opens with a nag screen that offers registration options as well as the ability to register for an online discussion forum at the publisher's Web site. Together with the Web-based Help file, there's a lot of assistance to those who are interested in its finer points or merely have questions. The program's interface is basically nothing more than a palm display with a series of selectable questions about your hands; the answers you select call up astrological readings and associated signs that reveal facets of your nature. It's as easy to use as a Web quiz and just as much fun, which is to say "irresistible." Whatever you believe about it, it was fascinating to learn some of the terms and concepts of palmistry.

MB's Astro Palmistry is freeware that's listed for Vista, but it worked fine in Windows 7, too. We didn't try the online forum, but it seems typical of the sort.

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