Twitter takes a stand

Though Twitter's new Android app hits most features, there are a few misses.

We wouldn't be the least bit surprised if choosing a single Twitter app for Android leaves you paralyzed by choice. There's no shortage of third-party Twitter apps in the Android Market, but Twitter is attempting to change that with its first official release for Android phones--or at least those running version 2.1 of the operating system or higher.

As a whole, Twitter's contribution is good. It's attractive and works in most of the features you'd expect from a solid Twitter-helper, including photo updates, link-shortening, geolocation, and notifications. Its two home screen widgets broadcast recent tweets; the larger one includes a text field for your status updates.

The company's collaboration with Google gives Twitter's app an edge over other tweeters, integrating contacts with the Android address book. That means you'll be able to view your buddy's Twitter photo and most recent update from the address book. The entry also serves as a shortcut for quickly jumping to the Twitter profile in question within the native Twitter app. (Too bad you can't tweet someone directly from here.)

Though Twitter's app hits most features, there are a few misses. We vastly prefer the @username autocomplete mechanism found in apps like TweetCaster and Touiteur, and Twitter could include some skinning options. Lack of support for multiple user accounts is Twitter's main sin, but one-account guys and gals will never notice it's missing.

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