Limited lists

Keep track of up to 12 tasks with this simple planner.

Modern life just keeps getting busier and busier, and software developers try their darnedest to produce tools to help us keep up. My Daily Planner is one such attempt; this bare-bones program lets users organize up to 12 tasks, color-coded by importance. Many of us would love to have only 12 items on our to-do lists, but for those who need just a touch of help prioritizing, My Daily Planner isn't a bad choice.

The program's interface is basic and fairly attractive. We have to admit that we've had a thing for the visible spectrum since elementary school, so we dig the way My Daily Planner color codes tasks; the most important are red, the least important are blue, and what's in between more or less follows the colors of the rainbow in order. There are 12 slots for tasks, and users can move tasks between slots to further emphasize their urgency. The program also has spaces to enter up to eight meetings, and a freeform text box for notes. My Daily Planner's Help file is actually a series of RTF files, which is irritating, but the program is intuitive enough that a visit to the Help file likely won't even be necessary. Overall, we don't think that My Daily Planner is a good choice for busy professionals, but it might be OK for students or people who take a very short-term approach to their to-do lists.

My Daily Planner is free. It comes as a ZIP file and is accessible after extraction with no need to install. We recommend this program only to users who don't have too many things to keep track of.

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