Funky fun

Take a funkadelic journey with this unusual game.

We've reviewed a lot of games for, but we can't say that we've ever seen anything quite like Mevo and the Grooveriders. We really, really wanted to like it, and for the most part we did, but the game seems to have some functional problems that hinder its fun.

We're not totally sure we can even describe the premise of Mevo and the Grooveriders. Apparently the evil Silence has come along and robbed the world of music, and it's up to you, a weird little dude named Mevo, to rescue your bandmates and bring back the funk. Mevo travels through various psychedelic levels that are filled with arrows pointing left and right, and the object of the game is to use the appropriate mouse key--left or right--to click as Mevo approaches each arrow. Click too soon or too late, and you'll miss, which damages your health and keeps you from scoring points. Various bonuses are scattered throughout the game, including health restoratives, and users are rewarded for hitting streaks of accurate mouse clicks. The game is accompanied by a fun and funky soundtrack that we loved. Overall, the game was fun, but as a piece of software it has some functional problems. Mouse action within the game is extremely laggy, and there were occasional graphics issues. The first couple times we tried to launch the game it froze up and we had to forcefully quit. For those reasons we can't give Mevo our highest praise, but it is still a fun game.

Mevo and the Grooveriders has a 60-minute trial period. The game installs desktop icons without asking, but uninstalls cleanly. We recommend this program to all users.

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