Turbo treatment

Test your time management skills in the emergency room with this fun game.

Time management games seem to be exploding in popularity, and we've seen renditions that take place on farms, in cafes, and other busy settings. Hospital emergency rooms are one of the busiest settings around, so it's no surprise that someone created a time management game featuring a harried nurse as the main character. In Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward, users race against the clock to get patients treated and make strategic decisions about spending the hospital's funds. It's obviously not a realistic portrayal of hospital, but it's definitely fun.

We liked that Hysteria Hospital allows users to choose between a male and female nurse. The chosen character must then rush around the emergency room, taking patients from the waiting area to the diagnostic desk, and then to a treatment area or bed as needed. The nurse must also pick up patient charts and take them to the appropriate place, change bedclothes, and put patients who can't be treated into an ambulance to be taken elsewhere. In each round, users must meet a certain goal for the number of patients treated and money earned. Money can then be used to purchase equipment that improves the hospital's efficiency. The game's polished graphics and increasingly frenetic music make it a fun and frenzied experience, and we were ready to play far beyond the sample rounds offered by the trial version.

Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward is free to try. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this game to all users.

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