Zippy photo editor

Unzip this basic but competent digital image editor.

GIRDAC InfoTechnologies jumps into the digital photo software pool with Image Editor and Converter, an inexpensive but capable graphics package that can handle the basics, including tools to create, edit, and convert digital images in more than 100 file formats. You can use it to resize images, add text, alter contrast and other image properties, apply special effects like texture, add ornamental frames for display, and generally use it like other image editors. It's not a full-featured drawing tool like Photoshop but is aimed more at digital camera owners who need a competent tool for resizing, editing, and enhancing snapshots. For those uses, it's actually better than the big apps since it's nimble and easy to master.

This program downloads as a compressed file but installs normally. It opens with an efficient interface that's somewhat basic compared to larger packages, which is not such a bad thing since it makes for a less intimidating experience for those users who don't need the feature-laden packages. We opened a couple of random images to test the program's capabilities on, and it proved a competent editor. A split window displays the selected image and its image information; in fact, there's a helpful ImageInfo file menu, as well as a Help file and a Language menu with 28 selections, including Afrikaans, Galician, Malay, and Welsh.

Image Editor and Converter's free trial version disables some features, but it costs less than 10 bucks for the full version. It worked fine in Vista but wouldn't open in Windows 7, despite claiming certification.

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