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DVDRemaster is a handy utility for working with DVDs, allowing you to recompress them and to quickly convert DVDs for viewing on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Apple TV.

DVDRemaster is a handy utility for working with DVDs. The app lets you recompress movies (for example, to fit them onto a standard, single-layer DVD) and quickly convert DVDs for viewing on your iPod, iPad, Apple TV, or other device, along with advanced features such as the capability to retain surround sound and multiple language tracks.

DVDRemaster gives you a clean, tabbed interface for remastering, exporting, and extracting DVDs, although novices may feel overwhelmed by the terminology and number of options, including settings for recompression module and removing UOPs. Fortunately, even inexperienced users can navigate the most simple tasks, thanks in part to a clear "Settings Overview" on each tab. In particular, the Export tab provides illustrated drop-down menus with easy-to-use presets (with options for speed and size) for a variety of devices and formats. More advanced users will appreciate the capability to dig in and discard tracks, eliminate borders, queue up multiple conversions, and perform other, more sophisticated tasks.

There are free apps that offer some of this functionality, but DVDRemaster more than justifies its price with its fast, reliable performance, clean interface, and comprehensive feature set.

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