Planetary action on the iPad

Galcon Fusion is a space-based strategy game for the iPad.

Editors' take: Galcon Fusion ($7.99) is the HD iPad version of Galcon, a strategy game that challenges you to conquer planets in a small section of space, while another player or the computer AI tries to do the same.

Playing the standard game type, you start out with two inhabited planets: one for your fleet and one for your opponent's fleet, with several other unclaimed planets on the board. From there, you try to conquer other planets by touching and dragging from your populated planet to the planet you wish to attack. Win the game by conquering all your opponent's planets.

The core game mechanic of attacking and conquering planets is very simple, but with eight game types and 10 difficulty levels, Galcon Fusion offers a lot of variation and proves to be a very challenging strategy game. Playing any of the game types on some of the higher difficulty levels can be extremely challenging. Our only issue with this game is that it doesn't have a progressive single-player campaign to draw you through the various game types. But with so many game variations and skill levels, it's pretty easy to ignore.

Once you believe you've mastered the game, you can try your luck against other players online in multiplayer matches with up to 12 players. Online, you can see how many people are playing or search by game type if you want to take on human opponents in a specific setting. Be warned: the players online definitely know their stuff; we still have yet to win an online game. Though there are not a lot of games going at any given time, every time we signed on for multiplayer there were enough games going to get our multiplayer fix. Galcon Fusion also offers online chat with other players and everyone we came across was polite and helpful.

Overall, Galcon Fusion is a great example of an iPhone game that translates extremely well to the iPad. With HD graphics, easy-to-learn touch-screen controls, multiple game types, and multiplayer online matches, this game is great for any iPad owner who likes challenging strategy games.

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