Productivity confounder

Be prepared to waste precious time with this unintuitive program.

Well, we thought we were testing DD Thought Tickler, but, after installing the program, we found what we'd gotten was Thought Retriever, which, according to the publisher, is "another application that's built on Dynamic Draw..." Wait, what's Dynamic Draw? For software designed to reduce confusion, not increase it, it was a bad start. Regardless of which program this is, it did nothing to organize our thoughts or increase our productivity.

The Thought Retriever interface features a gridlike panel with vague commands along the top, bottom, and sides. Not knowing where to start, we consulted the Help file. It offers a tutorial and a searchable table of contents that were both every bit as overwhelming as the interface, but we forged ahead and created a new project. We were able to assign it a new name and save it, but from there we had to no idea where to go. The Help file told us to click the Chip in the Chip Store, but we couldn't locate that on the interface or under any of the menu commands. We were stumped. At that point, we just started randomly clicking commands just to get some kind of an outcome, but, since most of them were deactivated, nothing happened. So, all in all, we wasted a good hour for nothing. How's that for enhanced productivity?

DD Thought Tickler does have one thing going for it: it's free. It installs and uninstalls cleanly. We recommend you skip this cumbersome program for one that's more streamlined and intuitive.

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