Easy-to-use downloader

Stay on top of downloads and updates with this simple program.

Chrysanth Download Manager is a simple tool that lets you manage your downloads and their respective updates simultaneously. The program doesn't offer much in terms of help; but, thankfully, it's pretty easy to navigate on its own.

The program's user interface is fairly intuitive. A menu bar resides at the top of the window, and large shortcut commands sit below it. A sidebar on the left side lets you view programs in the process of downloading, as well as any completed downloads. We quickly jumped into program and clicked the New button. A window appeared that let us enter new downloads, including its associated URL, filename, description, and from where it's downloaded. Advanced settings let us enable and set up update checks. Chrysanth Download Manager also makes it easy to set up mirror downloads. Once we entered our download's information, it appeared in the sidebar, and we were able to view its progress in the main window. We were able to successfully pause and resume a specific download using the aforementioned shortcut commands. The program's Options menu let us configure download speed, completion sounds, number of simultaneous downloads, and even the tray icon. Chrysanth Download Manager links to an online Help feature, but it's pretty sparse. Playing around with this program for a few minutes should have even the most novice users up and running quickly, though.

Chrysanth Download Manager has an ample, 90-day trial period. It comes as a ZIP file, and it cleanly uninstalls. We recommend it for all users.

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