PDF Convert-All

Convert more than 100 file types to PDFs with this easy-to-use tool.

Abdio's PDF Converter Pro claims it can convert more than 100 file types into PDF files. It handles Office files such as Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and Powerpoint presentations as well as most image formats. It also converts 2D and 3D files; HTML, CAD, and text files; and proprietary formats for software like Quicken. It even works with media file formats like IFF and Windows Media Files.

The program opens with a nag screen, which is not optional in the trial version, and a tool tip, which is. The interface resembles a cut-down Windows application, with a left-hand sidebar, a main file display, and some configuration fields and settings. It's supereasy to use; we navigated via the sidebar icons to a target file, selected the output destination and a few options, and clicked the Converter button. We barely had time to see the information in the progress indicator before the job was done. We also tried out the PDF Info button for setting file information. One nice extra is support for a plug-in that lets you save images as PDFs in Photoshop. There's good all-around support: not just a Help file, but online resources as well as updates as the developer continues to add supported formats.

PDF Converter Pro's nag screen counts down its free 30-day trial. We tested it in both Vista and Windows 7. If you're looking for a PDF conversion utility that is as close to comprehensive and universal as possible, check it out.

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