Fax the Word

Enhance Windows' fax capabilities with this handy Word add-in.

Windows' built-in fax tool often doesn't integrate seamlessly with Microsoft's Word, which is usually part of the Office productivity suite. That's where Fax 4 Word Addon 2.6.2 from Addins4Office can help. As its name suggests, it's a Word add-in that both streamlines and expands your capability to fax a wide range of documents to numerous recipients. You can send personalized documents to specific recipients, a capability that turns Windows' basic fax feature into an excellent direct-marketing tool.

Fax 4 Word installs a new toolbar on Word; its look depends on which edition of Office you're using. We like its Fax Merge feature, which works like mail merge to pull recipients' information directly from a Word document, so you no longer have to constantly re-enter a recipient's name and fax number in the tedious Windows Fax Wizard. It also pulls recipients' information and fax numbers from Outlook's Contacts, Excel files, and other databases and applications, a potential time saver since Fax 4 Word can send faxes to hundreds of recipients at once, a capability we didn't test, doubtless to the relief of our Contacts.

Fax 4 Word Addon is free to try for 30 days and works in recent editions of Windows, including Windows 7. It requires Word 2000 or later. If you use Word and frequently find yourself faxing documents, if you'd like to expand your direct marketing options, or if you're just looking for a more efficient way to keep customers and clients up to date, it's definitely worth a look.

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