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Save time and keystrokes when typing with this keyword-activated macro tool.

NCH's FastFox Typing Expander is basically a supermacro utility that you can use to create, store, and activate keyboard shortcuts that instantly insert lines or whole paragraphs of text as you type. It's a dream come true for those unfortunate souls who must type the same thing over and over. Properly used, it can drastically reduce typing time and keystrokes.

At just over 190K, FastFox is a small download that installs with equal speed. It features a simple dialog interface with File, Shortcut, and Help menus, and labeled icons for Options, Shared Shortcuts, and downloading the optional NCH Toolbox, which gives access to the developer's other tools. The Toolbox is worth trying, but we've used it before, so we skipped it. The Shared button adds common shortcuts, such as those used throughout a company's network: a nice touch. There are actually two sources of assistance, the Help file and an icon that opens the program's Web-based manual, but this program is easy enough to figure out without them. We clicked the green plus sign to add a new shortcut, entered our keywords, selected the expansion type, entered our text, and clicked OK. When we typed the keyword, FastFox automatically replaced it with our expanded text. It's that simple.

FastFox Typing Expander is free to try for 14 days. It downloads as a compressed file and installs desktop icons without asking. It's ready for Windows 7. If you find yourself typing the same blocks of text over and over again, give it a try.

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