Lickety splitter

Split PDFs into smaller files in a split second with this simple tool.

A-PDF offers a wide range of highly specialized, affordable PDF tools that save time by automating and simplifying specific tasks. A-PDF Size Splitter splits PDF files into smaller PDFs. Why would you need it? E-mail file size limitations, for one reason; Size Splitter makes quick work of splitting huge PDFs into exactly the right size documents for file or bandwidth restrictions, or for legal restrictions on maximum file attachment size.

This program has the family look of A-PDF's fairly staggering array of PDF utilities, with a plain but businesslike dialog-based interface. There's a PDF-based Help file that can be downloaded separately, a main window for browsing and adding file directories, and a field for the output directory. Beyond a few control buttons, that's about it, by design; speed and efficiency are this program's objectives. Size Splitter quickly located all the PDFs in a large directory, including subfolders. We chose an old product manual to split. We selected the output file size, opted to keep the split files in the same directory, and pressed Split. A split-second later, the job was done.

A-PDF Size Splitter is free to try for 15 days. It's certified for Windows Vista, but we also tested the x86 version in Windows 7, and it worked fine. Size Splitter doesn't require Adobe Acrobat to function, and the PDFs it produces are completely compatible with Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software versions 5 and above, which makes it a cost-effective solution for users who don't need Acrobat's power or price.

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