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Create, edit, and view PageFocus files and forms with this free tool.

PageFocus Pro is an enterprise-capable form-creation, management, and publishing application development package with an integrated database engine. PageFocus Reader is a free tool that you can use to view, navigate, print, and otherwise manage the software's proprietary files as well as PageFocus and PageFocus Pro Forms. It supports electronic data transfer and can be used to distribute e-catalogs, registration and order forms, and documents, as well as for data collection.

This program contains two separate executables, the PageFocus Editor, for creating and editing documents and forms, and the runtime Expo application, which handles the database end. Each uses the same primary interface, which offers a staggering array of icons and buttons controlling many features. We were glad to see a fully indexed and searchable Help file that quickly answers any questions about this program's capabilities. The Expo app includes customizable templates that make it simple to create, manage, and store a wide range of typical business forms. To make use of PageFocus Reader, you need to have some of the developer's proprietary .pf format files. It works much like the current state-of-the art image and document handling software, though, and will be quite familiar to PageFocus Pro users.

PageFocus Pro is freeware that works in Windows 7 and Vista. If you use PageFocus software, it's a handy addition to your toolkit, and it offers a free and efficient viewer for those who need to access PageFocus files now and again. We recommend it to anyone who needs it.

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