DVD slideshows made easy

Create personalized slideshows for DVD or the Web with this easy tool.

DVD PixPlay from Xequte Software combines a DVD burning utility and a slideshow maker in one easy-to-use tool. With it, users can create personalized photo or video slideshows, save them, and burn them on DVD blanks or watch them on a PC or other display. The disks it creates are compatible with nearly every DVD player, so you can send them to family and friends as personal keepsakes. It can also convert your slideshows into Web-compatible videos for uploading on sites like YouTube.

The program's polite Windows-style installer notes that you need some 25 MB of free disk space to use DVD PixPlay; you'll also need a DVD-burning drive. There's a helpful, optional Tool Tip and some nag screens, but mostly it's not only easy but also quite pleasant to use. The main and control dialogs are attractive and well laid out, with clear commands and one-click functionality. There's a fully indexed and searchable Help file, something we always welcome. We added images and videos, uploaded music files for soundtracks, added effects, and saved the results, all with a few quick clicks. We especially like the Current Frame subdisplay with Image Motion and Transition settings, which helps keep things in order.

DVD PixPlay's free trial period has been extended from 45 to 90 days. It's fully compatible with Windows 7. While it's true that most new PCs come bundled with apps that you can probably use to do what DVD PixPlay does, it has the advantage of being a ready-made, easy-to-use solution that can save tons of time on keepsake projects.

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