Resize wise

Homogenize your picture size with Magic Image Resizer.

Most PC users have gigabytes of digital images they're going to go through and resize, one by one, and display online or in an album, someday. Why not today? Magic Project's Image Resizer is a simple utility that makes a fast and easy job of resizing nearly all kinds of digital pictures, singly, in bunches, or in big batches.

Although it downloads with full setup and uninstall features, this small program needs no installation. It opens and runs directly from the downloaded executable file, which makes it completely portable; you can even carry it in your camera's memory. Magic Image Resizer's interface dialog has the Big Blue look of older Windows editions; clean, efficient, and intuitive, with File and Help menus but little else in the way of extras (or clutter). The tool itself is simple to use: browse to and select your image or images, select the resolution in pixels, set a conversion quality/speed slider, and click Resize. Images save to a specially marked folder, a feature we especially commend because it means an end to losing original image properties or making space-hogging backup copies. We also like the ability to view the original image size by double-clicking the image name, a feature that makes this compact tool ideal for Webmasters.

Magic Image Resizer's free 30-day trial version includes a nag screen, but the full version is only $10. It works in all 32-bit editions of Windows. The program leaves stuff behind when it's uninstalled. Magic Image Resizer makes quick work of resizing your images and getting them ready to post.

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