Solid image editor

Look to this basic image editor to tweak your photos.

Finally there's a free image editor worth reviewing. So many Photoshop wannabes have failed to live up to expectations, which admittedly are high. But PhotoFiltre stands on its own as a basic, capable image editor.

The first good news is the program's user interface, which is very clean and not at all overwhelming, unlike many graphics tools. Menu items line the top of the window with their respective shortcut buttons below in two rows. Rather than using moveable color and tool palettes, PhotoFiltre places them in a narrow right-hand sidebar, which leaves plenty of room for images. We immediately noticed that the program doesn't support the use of layers, which might turn off advanced users but appeal to novices.

We quickly jumped into the program and opened a saved image. Using the Text command, we were able to add custom text to our image. Adjusting the contrast, saturation, and brightness was simply a matter of clicking the shortcut commands. Our only complaint is that the program doesn't seem to offer a preview option so that you can see your changes before they take effect. There's an undo button, but it only goes back one step. Still, we found the program's selection tools and fills to be much more precise than similar image editors. An ample Help file is available to answer any questions.

PhotoFiltre is freeware. It left behind a Start Menu icon when we uninstalled it. We recommend this program for all users, but it has special appeal to graphics beginners.

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