This portable utility scans your PC for spyware.

We test hundreds of programs each month. While we protect our PC with several security programs, threats like spyware slip through the cracks. SpyDLLRemover Portable is a small utility that claims to catch these threats.

The program's user interface is pretty basic, but it does the job. Three tabs at the top of the window let you view the scan results, running processes, and any traceable DLLs. There's also a color-coded key for identifying spyware threat levels. The program doesn't have a viable Help feature for getting started or answering questions, and a link to the publisher's Web site didn't offer much in the way of assistance. Thankfully, though, SpyDLLRemover Portable is a pretty straightforward tool. We jumped right in and clicked the Start Scan button. Our new computer is well protected, so we weren't expecting much, and the program didn't pull up any threats. The Process Viewer tab gave us a detailed listing of all running processes, and the DLL Tracer tab let us search for specific DLLs. From there, we were able to view their properties and choose to remove or kill the process. And we like the program's portability, which allowed us to save it to a flash drive and run it on other computers.

SpyDLLRemover Portable installed and uninstalled without any issues. We've tested other spyware programs that always seemed able to find something to flag, but SpyDLLRemover didn't turn up anything, although we didn't think it would.

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