Do-it-all Web tool

This freeware packs more Web tools than Spider-Man's belt.

There's so much we like about Rejetto's HFS, which stands for HTTP File Server. It's a free, open source, Web-based file-sharing utility that also functions as a Web server. You can use to upload and download files, access remote files via the Internet, host your Web page, and more. It includes HTTP templates, logs, bandwidth management, a dynamic DNS updater, and support for accounts.

HFS downloads as a small executable file that is ready to go as soon as you open it, without requiring a formal installation process, which also makes HFS completely portable, yet another thing we like in utilities. The efficient, simple, highly customizable dialog interface packs many settings and options on a single Menu button, a layout that keeps things clean and uncluttered yet quickly accessible. There's also a full set of controls accessible by right-clicking the program's system tray icon. Main controls feature prominent icons, including the welcome Self Test button. The Help menu links to a Wiki with full documentation. We really love the optional Expert/Easy modes. Easy mode helps newcomers, and Expert mode reserves tricky options for experienced users. Expert mode also displays network activity and enables access to advanced features, such as editing HTTP templates.

HFS is freeware that is listed as working in all 32-bit versions of Windows up to XP but not in newer 64-bit Windows editions. However, we tested it in Vista and 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate, and it worked fine. It's small, efficient, versatile, free, and recommended.

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