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Bring customized clarity to your portfolio management and reporting with this powerful package.

Personal finance and investment management software is becoming more powerful and capable yet easier to use than ever. Case in point is Believ's flagship product, Fund Manager Personal, a comprehensive portfolio manager designed to give investors powerful reporting and graphing features that are also easy to learn, understand, and apply. Its customizable financial analysis and reporting tools make it suitable for individual investors and family finances as well as active traders and market professionals.

Fund Manager's clean, elegant, businesslike interface is anchored by a full-featured menu bar, including an excellent Help file as well as controls for the program's 34 graph types and 17 reporting options. These are equally attractive and efficient, the colorful, customizable graph dialogs in particular. The reporting options let you filter, sort, list, and calculate data in different combinations and parameters to display exactly the results you need without irrelevant factors. We especially like the way Fund Manager grabs updated price and transaction data online at the click of a button, a huge time-saver. Another welcome feature is its ability to simplify tax preparation by quickly generating highly specific reports and automatically inserting tax IDs.

Fund Manager's free trial version is limited to 60 uses; the full version costs $69.. It works in Windows versions from 98 to 7. We were impressed by its ability to generate a staggering array of customized, specific, highly legible reports and graphs for a wide range of investors with very different financial needs. It's a significant presence in both business and personal finance software.

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