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Make Web surfing educational with this fun program.

Battles over Internet time are common in households with kids. Now you can turn even the most vapid Web surfing into an educational experience with Popnoggin. This charmingly named program lets kid earn Internet time by correctly answering questions from a variety of categories. With plenty of options for customization and handling multiple users, Popnoggin is a fun way to put some intellectual stimulation back into computer time.

The program's interface is basic and intuitive, making it easy for both parents and kids to use. Users can select one or more categories of questions to use during each session; the ones included in the trial version are quite basic, but the program promises questions appropriate for grades K-12. Nearly every aspect of the program can be adjusted; users can select the time interval between questions, how much Internet time is earned for each correct answer, and whether Popnoggin should interrupt common productivity programs. (As we were typing this review in Word, for example, the program left us alone.) There are 15 different visual themes to choose from, so kids can select an interface that they like, and sounds can optionally be disabled. Overall, we found Popnoggin to be both fun and useful, although we do wish it had a Help file; it's very intuitive, but users may still come across features that they have questions about.

Popnoggin is free to try, but the trial version offers only a limited number of sample questions. The program installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users.

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