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Search for IP address information with this simple tool.

Every computer, router, server, and other device that's connected to a computer network has an Internet Protocol (IP) address, a unique sequence of numbers used to distinguish network participants. Every now and then it's nice to know the name lurking behind the number, whether you're trying to identify the sender of a shady e-mail, a visitor to your Web site, or someone else. IPNetInfo is an easy-to-use tool that quickly delivers all available information about a given IP address. It's nothing fancy, but it's good at what it does.

Using IPNetInfo is quite simple. Users enter one or more IP addresses into a box and click OK. The program quickly retrieves information about each entered address, including the name and address of the ISP and other contact information. The program can also extract information from e-mail headers, helping users to trace the origins of e-mails even when the associated IP address isn't obvious. Users can save this information as an HTML file, choosing either a vertical or horizontal organization that displays IP info for all selected IP addresses. IPNetInfo doesn't have a whole lot of other features, but we like that about it; it's quite intuitive and simple. The program doesn't have a Help file, and though most users likely won't need instructions for using it, those who don't know much about how IP addresses work will want to look elsewhere for information. Overall, we found IPNetInfo to be effective and easy to use.

IPNetInfo is free. It comes as a zip file and is accessible after extraction with no need for installation. We recommend this program to all users.

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