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Access your Tasks anywhere in Chrome with this helpful extension.

Among the many useful tools that Google has introduced over the last few years is Tasks, a sleek to-do list that's built into Gmail. Tasks gives users the ability to create multiple lists, letting you keep track of everything from bills you need to pay to groceries you need to buy. Google Tasks, an extension for Chrome, lets users access their Tasks lists anywhere in the browser, instead of being tied to Gmail.

Google Tasks installs easily and appears as an icon to the right of Chrome's address bar. Clicking the icon displays either a dropdown bubble or a tab at the bottom (your choice) with your Tasks lists. The extension allows users to do everything with Tasks that they can within Gmail, including adding, editing, reordering, deleting, and checking off tasks. Users can also switch between different lists and create new ones. We found Google Tasks to be well-integrated into Chrome and extremely easy to use. It doesn't have much in the way of extra features--the only customizable option is the display style--but it offers full Tasks functionality, and we liked having access to our tasks no matter what we were doing in Chrome. Now if only there were an extension that could start working on those tasks for us!

Google Tasks is free. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this extension to all users.

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