Rhythms and views

Display and analyze your biorhythms with this unique application.

Biorhythms blend physiological science with alternative philosophies, some new, other ancient, to yield insights into one's personal development, relationships, and even future. Adherents believe that studying biorhythms can help you prepare for bad days and be ready for your best days. BinaryMark's BioRhythms Calculator 2010 is an interesting piece of software that can help you monitor, track, and analyze your biorhythms and use the results to improve your life. It can apply biorhythm readings for you or your friends and family to 15 built-in rhythms ranging from the traditional Chinese I Ching patterns to Primary, Secondary, Intuitive, and even user-defined patterns.

For some fairly complex and feature-packed software, BioRhythms Calculator is easy to figure out, thanks to a familiar Office 2007-style interface that makes good use of color to sort out the unusual information it reveals. There are nine customizable displays, including graphic, tabular, calendar, and compatibility views. You can enter data and images for other people and make side-by-side comparisons of their rhythms. BioRhythms Calculator saves, prints, and exports personalized data, naturally, but built-in Astrology, Numerology, and Celebrity database modules add interesting capabilities that might uncover connections other calculators miss.

BioRhythms Calculator's free trial version is limited to two biorhythm studies. It's fully compatible with the latest versions of Windows, including Vista and 7. If you're one of the many people convinced that studying biorhythms can reveal helpful insights that ordinary methods overlook, give it a try, but even skeptical types can have fun with its unique ability to display your life's patterns.

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