No secrets here

Skip this pointless PDF full of get-rich twaddle and its open spam invitation.

Do you want to know the Secrets Of The Richest People? Here's one: They didn't waste their time reading the nonsense found in this program. And really, this isn't a program at all: it's a 20-page PDF file that's full of grammatical errors and empty advice. But if cheesy motivational cliches are what you're looking for, you've come to the right place.

Right off the bat, this so-called program turned us off because it required that we enter our name and e-mail address to receive an activation code. (We see a lot of spam in our future.) Once we entered our code, we were able to open the PDF. The whole document is filled with banal quotes that don't offer any real help, such as "Success comes to those who deeply think about success and constantly strive for it!" Wow, you don't say! And there's more, plenty more: "Think BIG and passionately visualize success, consistently and without ceasing ...." Well, if that's true, we should all be billionaires by now. This entire snoozefest is full of general self-help babble that doesn't offer any real "secrets" and is a complete waste of time.

Thankfully, Secrets Of The Richest People if free, and in installs and uninstalls without any issues. Still, if you're looking for advice for getting rich, we recommend you skip this spam invitation and find a worthy book or program from a reputable source.

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