Dark color scheme

Stick with this Firefox theme if you like darker colors.

RedShift V3 is an add-on for Mozilla's Firefox that changes the browser's theme. If you're tired of your current Firefox interface and are a fan of darker color schemes, this theme is worth a look.

Like all Firefox themes, we had to restart the browser for the theme's changes to take place. The change to our browser was definitely dramatic. Our default Firefox theme was replaced with much darker hues. The menu option and navigational button placement didn't change and were still intuitive, but they were a bit harder to see. We aren't a big fan of white text on the black background because it tends to be difficult to read, but the red accents do help to make the navigational buttons and white text stand out. Like all Firefox add-ons, you won't find a Help feature, but one really isn't necessary.

RedShift V3 is free. It installs and uninstalls without any issues. We weren't too impressed with the overall color scheme, but that's a matter of taste. We recommend it for all levels of Firefox users.

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