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Bag pictures in bunches with this cool image-downloading tool.

Sooner or later, whatever your hobbies, interests, or tastes, you're going to find yourself tediously clicking through a Web page full of pictures, manually opening and saving each and every one, until it becomes more of a grim quest to be finished than a quick grab of some fun pics to sort through and maybe use later. You could just bookmark the site and return when you need a picture of Elmer Fudd to complete a masterpiece e-mail, but you can't be sure they'll still be available, which is why you were saving them to your hard drive in the first place. Face it, you need help. SeaMoon Pic Hunter brings it.

This simple but efficient utility is essentially a file downloader optimized for finding and saving image files like JPEGs and GIFs on the Internet. It has a basic Windows interface with primitive-looking text characters, a tree-based navigation window, and a small preview pane. Nevertheless, it's a competent, well-designed tool that makes it easy to download images en masse from Web sites. SeaMoon's Web site is entirely in Chinese, but Pic Hunter boasts commands and documentation written in clear English, including a completely indexed, searchable, and comprehensive Windows-style Help file.

SeaMoon Pic Hunter is shareware that disables some of the registered version's functionality. It installs desktop icons without asking and leaves folders behind when it's uninstalled. It's rated for versions of Windows up to and including XP, but it downloaded, installed, and ran just fine in Windows Vista and 7.

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