Seesmic tweeting

Seesmic's Twitter app for BlackBerry continues to grow, replicating the product's desktop glory.

We have to hand it to Seesmic: its Twitter app for BlackBerry has grown since an unimpressive first attempt that did little more to replicate the product's desktop glory than sketch out a basic Twitter client. Now, Seesmic is filling its app in with some Twitter power features that have become mandatory for serious third-party Twitter apps.

Chief among these is retweeting (two ways) and support for up to 10 Twitter accounts. The app supports your Twitter searches and lists, and hooks into, so you can broadcast your tweet to dozens of social networks. Like Ubertwitter, Seesmic for BlackBerry now includes a preview of a picture or tiny Google Map embedded within an opened tweet.

Deleting a post you penned is another feature to crop up within Seesmic for BlackBerry. Support for BIS-B (BlackBerry Internet Service Browser) means that Seesmic can still run without a Web connection.

Though there are still a few kinks to be worked out (like smoother switching between Twitter accounts), Seesmic has progressed since its early days. Seesmic is on its way toward becoming a stylish BlackBerry Twitter app in the top of its class.

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