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Display growing log files in Windows in real time with Unix-like simplicity with this tool.

Unix programmers use the "tail -f" utility to display the most recent additions to growing files such as server logs. Hoo Technologies' WinTail is essential a "tail -f" utility for Windows. It's a real time log monitor and file viewer that displays the ends of large, growing files quickly without the need to load the entire file to view it and without making any changes to the log files. System administrators can use it to view application traces logs and server logs in real time. It can capture and display OutputDebugString() Windows API output too, for easier software debugging. In fact, it offers several debugging and system administration features, including various levels of filtering and multiple log file monitoring.

WinTail's interface is simple and efficient yet leaves nothing out, with a taskbar stuffed with program-specific icons and a full complement of file menus, including Help, Edit, and OutputDebugString menus. The tabbed main display window lets you track several different logs at once. The program's most outstanding feature is its efficiently devised, configurable color-coding system that shows a system's status at a glance. WinTail's System Tray and tab icons flash when files are updated, too, with just enough vigor to catch the eye. You can also configure email updates or turn notifications off. Efficient dialogs simplify WinTail's many settings and options.

Hoo WinTail is free to try for 30 days; it's certified for Windows 7. It brings Unix's real time log viewing capabilities to Windows, which will make some Windows admins very happy.

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