Make BitTorrents as easy as turning on a faucet with this free P2P app.

VIP Torrent from VIP Rumor is one of the many free peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing applications in the crowded P2P scene. Like the others, it enables you to share and download large music, movies, data, and software files as smaller "bits" in fast, efficient "torrents" via P2P networks; any file that used to require big, expensive servers to host is a search and a click away with BitTorrent technology. VIP Torrent offers the full complement of typical BitTorrent client features, such as the ability to pause and automatically resume interrupted downloads, advanced searching, disk caching, automatic port mapping, chatting and online assistance, file previewing, and bandwidth management.

When you install the program, you can choose beginner, intermediate, and advanced user settings, and it displays selected tools and controls accordingly. This helps make VIP Torrent especially friendly for those users new to torrents and file-sharing software. You can change the levels at any time, too. The interface is efficient and attractive, more closely resembling an e-mail client or typical Windows application than those that are designed to look like media players, whose sleek skins often just make the program harder to use. VIP Torrent's familiar menu bar, including File, Tools, and Help menu, and the color-coded entries in the main window keep down the clutter without sacrificing functionality. Progressively advanced configurations offer more tools, settings, and options as users' confidence grows with their needs.

VIP Torrent is freeware and is certified for all versions of Windows from 98 up to Windows 7.

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