Shout it out

Record Internet radio broadcasts with this Shoutcast utility.

It's hard to believe that Shoutcast radio is 10 years old, but more than 30,000 Internet radio stations have sprung up since NullSoft developed the technology to stream MP3 and other digital files to users' media player software. Spesoft's ShoutOff is a free utility that lets you browse, play, and record content from Shoutcast radio stations. You can sample an endless stream of music and audio content from all corners of the world and save your favorites, just like taping tunes off the airwaves with traditional radio, only in digital quality and in formats ranging from MP3 to OGG.

ShoutOff is compact by design. It minimizes its use of system resources and doesn't update the registry. Despite its small footprint, it's completely configurable. It has a plain interface with a few basic controls, including a music genre selector and play, record, and exit buttons. A settings button activates a dialog with some basic controls and links to a forum with more information on the software's Web site, although there's no Help file. ShoutOff displays stations in the main view, and you can save your favorites to return to later. You can configure file quality, updates, and some basic housekeeping settings, but not much else. It's that keep-it-simple philosophy that makes the software easy to use but sacrifices some control and programming features that might improve its functionality by letting you record a regular program, for example.

ShoutOff is freeware and works in Windows 7 as well as earlier versions.

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