Virtual vinyl

Play digital files like a turntablist with this massive mixware.

MixVibes' Digital Vinyl System is a mobile and studio DJ mixing software package that enables you to control digital music files with a turntable or CD deck, or both, with or without specially time-coded CDs or vinyl records. To take full advantage of the DVS's unique capabilities users need the special discs as well as an audio interface with two inputs and two outputs, such as an internal or external sound card, audio interface, or MIDI controller with a USB, PCI, or FireWire connection to your PC. But even without its special features in play, it's a good mixing tool.

The DVS is part of a family of related software built on MixVibes's audio engine and vinyl control technology experience. It can handle two decks simultaneously, with duplicate controls and displays in the crowded but good-looking and well-configured interface, which is skinned like a media player but with many more controls. There's a full raft of effects, such as pitch and tempo controls and looping, and sophisticated playlist management. Used in conjunction with the special time-coded vinyl records, it lets DJs control digital music files as if they were on vinyl, enabling precise scratching and syncing with a familiar feel in a live environment.

MixVibes' Digital Vinyl System 7's free demo version is limited to 30 days or 60 minutes and only enables one output and one deck connection. It's ready for Windows 7, but only 32-bit versions. The latest release adds a new mix track and a key mode.

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