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Program up to 99 audio files sequentially with this DJ-ready player.

DJs, podcasters, sound artists, and party animals will love CombiWave Lite, a multifile audio player based on radio jingle software. That means you can program it to play a whole bunch of songs and other audio files in sequence, easily, reliably, and repeatedly. You can use it live or in the studio. You can create podcasts on the fly, program audio installations for art exhibits, openings, receptions, cafes, language labs, and much more. DJs and musicians can use it in live environments, and it can provide a precise and varied soundtrack for theaters and other public and performance venues.

CombiWave can handle up to 99 files at once, a challenge for even the best of typical media players. The key to CombiWave's capability to make such complex loading and sequencing not only possible but also quite easy is its interface, which has a tabular display of individual "slots" for each file, each with its own player controls, timing indicators, and so on, so there is no doubt about each file's job, when it should do it, and for how long. Adding files is equally foolproof: the Open File dialog tells you specifically which slot you're filling. Excellent file menus offer numerous settings as well as a Help file.

CombiWave Lite's free trial version is limited to three simultaneously open files; the full version costs $39.00. It supports Windows 7; new releases add FLAC support, too. It leaves folders behind when it's uninstalled.

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