Check your sums

Check your Internet downloads for data integrity with this handy checksum tool.

Computers use checksums to check for data transmission errors; basically, they count the bits in a block of data and compare the number to a previously generated sum. If the two match, all is well; if not, something's gone wrong and it's time to look for data errors. Checksum verifiers are handy utilities that can scan software to verify its integrity. Marxio File Checksum Verifier calculates and verifies the checksums of programs downloaded from the Internet. It's free, compact, and portable, making it especially useful to system administrators and others who manage more than one machine.

This handy little app requires no formal installation or configuration: Just download it, click on it, and get right to work. The software checks to see if you have the latest version when you first use it. At 458K, it's quite small for 64 bit-compatible software. It has a small, simple, attractive interface that can be minimized to toolbar size. Simple control icons access a wide array of settings on the file menu and a link to further help and other resources at the developer's Web site. Drag-and-drop functionality and the ability to handle all major checksum types set Marxio File Checksum Verifier apart from other utilities of its type, which sometimes only work with a few file types or are difficult to configure.

Marxio File Checksum Verifier is freeware and is certified up to Windows 7. Its combination of competence, simplicity, and portability make it worth checking out.

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