Pitiful player

Download this program only if you like the novelty of a CD player that doesn't play CDs.

When a program is named something like OrangeCD Player, you'd think that said program would at a bare minimum be capable of playing CDs. But you'd be wrong. To our astonishment, OrangeCD Player seems unable to do the one task that is promised by both its name and description.

What is OrangeCD Player, if not a CD player? It seems to be simply a way to catalog your digital audio files. We inserted a CD, had the program scan it, and it created a database entry for the CD containing the cover art, track listing, and other album information. Great, we thought, but how do we actually play the songs? We searched through the program's various menus until we found a clearly labeled Play command. We selected it, and the program asked us which application we wanted to open the CD with. That's right: the so-called CD player asked us to use another program to play the CD. We were dumbstruck. We spent an inordinate amount of time poking around in the program, trying to determine if there was something that we were missing, but it seems that there's not. The program doesn't even have a Help file; there's a brief FAQ that, if nothing else, lets users know unambiguously that the program doesn't rip tracks from CDs. But there's no information at all about actually playing tracks from the CD. We recommend skipping this program, unless you enjoy feeling like you're stuck in an absurdist play.

OrangeCD Player is free. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We do not recommend this program.

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