Twitter at your fingertips

Seamlessly integrate Twitter with Firefox using this clever add-on.

We've tried several different programs for keeping up with Twitter, and we typically find ourselves giving up on them and simply using Twitter's Web site. So many of the available Twitter clients are cumbersome and resource-hogging, and they tend to be more irritating than helpful. Echofon for Firefox (Windows), however, is a Twitter application of a different kind; this ingenious Firefox add-on keeps Twitter at your fingertips, but out of your way.

When the program is running, a small icon appears in the Firefox status bar. A number next to the icon lets users know how many unread tweets there are, and new tweets appear in a small pop-up that's displayed for a length of time determined by the user. Clicking on the icon brings up a full list of recent tweets and a text box that allows the user to tweet directly from Firefox. We especially loved the fact that users can add the URL of the currently active Firefox tab with the click of a button. The add-on offers plenty of options for customization, including font size, notifications, and keyboard shortcuts. Like most browser add-ons, Echofon doesn't have a Help file, but we didn't miss it; everything was pretty self-explanatory. Overall, we were quite impressed with Echofon, and we think it's a great choice for users who want a lightweight way to keep up with Twitter that integrates seamlessly with Firefox.

Echofon for Firefox (Windows) is free. The program installs and uninstalls without issues. We highly recommend this add-on to all users.

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