Form over function

Don't expect many features from this skinnable audio player.

Xion Audio Player is a basic program that lets you play audio files. We'd like to give you more information about it--for example, tell you what kind of files it supports--but we honestly can't say. Although Xion Audio Player is functional, its functionality definitely takes a backseat to its design.

The program's interface isn't that great as far as we're concerned: it's somewhat sleek and plenty customizable, but its elements are a little too small for comfortable use. Important features such as the buttons that let you load files and manage playlists are disguised with small, barely perceptible icons. Users can customize the background color of the interface and there's a nifty tab that slides in and out that displays album cover art. However, overall, the program seems to be more about looks than ease of use. The program has no Help file, but there are multiple links that send users to pages dealing with Xion's customizable skins. We're not sure what the obsession with skins is about; what's the point of a beautiful audio player if it's not easy to use? Still, we suppose that if custom skins are a greater concern for you than intuitive design, Xion Audio Player is an OK choice. The player does play MP3s just fine, and it has an equalizer and balance adjustment, but we can't say there's anything about it that particularly impressed us.

Xion Audio Player is free. The program installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program with reservations; there's nothing functionally wrong with it, but there are plenty of audio players out there with better designs.

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