Rescue mission

Recover lost and forgotten Web and e-mail addresses from your data maze with this tool.

Data packrats often wade chest-high through swamps of disorganized information to find, say, some old e-mail addresses. It's all in there, safe and sound: until you need it, that is. Then it becomes a clench-jawed search-and-rescue mission straight out of Hollywood, only without the benefit of glitzy special effects--you're on your own on this one. Fortunately, when fantasy fails, software steps up. Easiestutils' Email Data Extractor Pro can accept the mission to mine your system and recover MIA e-mail addresses and Web pages buried deep in archived message folders, mislabeled files, or incorrect directories. It scans for html, text, xml, and other file types on your hard drive, the Windows clipboard, and other likely hiding places.

The program's interface is quite basic and is skinned like a media player. By design, the controls are kept to a minimum. Still, there's no Help file or documentation--just a link to the developer's site. Nevertheless, it's pretty easy to use. Select a search for e-mail addresses, Web pages, or both, and choose a file or directory to search. You can filter your searches, remove duplicates, and save results to a file or the clipboard.

Email Data Extractor Pro is free to try and costs $29.95 to register. The trial version is limited to 30 days or three uses. It's certified for Windows versions up to Vista, but works in Windows 7, too.

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