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Send e-mail and documents without a browser with this message software.

YouSendIt Express provides a nifty alternative to e-mail accounts that use online browsers. Though its ability to quickly send large documents is great, its special features come at a price, literally.

The program's interface is easy to navigate, since it mimics a very basic e-mail program's layout. We didn't like having to register online, but YouSendIt's simplicity proved to be worth the extra work. We were able to build an address book, write e-mails, and even attach large files with no problems. The program took more than a minute to e-mail a moderately sized photo, which we thought was odd, but it ultimately sent it. The file comes to the recipient not as an attachment but as a link they need to download, which was unexpected but probably accounts for the ability to send larger items. We were, however, disappointed by its dearth of special features. The program's description boasts the ability to create passwords and receipts and certify delivery, but what it didn't say is that this ability costs extra, ranging from $3.99 to $8.99. The requirement to pay for additional features may put some users off. On the other hand, you're not paying for features you may not want or need.

YouSendIt Express is freeware. It installs desktop icons without permission. Though it failed to fully live up to its billing, it performs its primary function very well: it sends e-mails and attachments with ease. We hesitantly recommend this program.

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