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Synch and share Outllook Contacts with this add-in.

Software developer 4Team specializes in add-in tools for Microsoft's Office and Outlook suites. Their ShareContacts lets users share and synchronize their all-important contacts folders and subfolders in Outlook, online or offline, without needing a server. You can specify which contacts to share with different individuals or groups, such as clients or project teams. You can customize shared forms and include imported data. Shared folders are automatically updated on each user's computer when you update your data. You can share just what you want with whom, all with a few mouse clicks. ShareContacts is also handy for keeping your laptop and PC or home and work computers in sync; you never know when you'll need important contact information, and keeping things updated protects your critical data if one PC is damaged or stolen.

ShareContacts integrates seamlessly with Outlook's interface and employs busy but legible dialogs for functions. It offers quite a few settings and options but a good Help file as well, not to mention considerable online documentation, and a helpful Wizard makes each process essentially foolproof. Each user needs to have ShareContacts on his computer to take advantage of its automatic folder synchronization, but once you've specified what you want to share and with which groups or individuals you want to share it, it's basically a click-and-forget operation. ShareContacts keeps everyone in the loop, no matter how many loops you set.

ShareContacts is free to try for 14 days and costs $24.95. It works in Windows versions 95 to 7.

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