Database genie

Open Sesame and let it change your data into treasure.

Database management applications have come a long way since Symantec introduced Q&A. Lantica's Sesame Database Manager is perhaps the best-known Q&A follow-on, and latest versions still provide an exclusive Q&A translator. Sesame is a cross-platform-capable, client-server database application development and management suite with built-in word processing and publishing capabilities that businesses, organizations, and even individuals can use to manage large amounts of data and create useful applications. These applications include invoices and receipts, reports, e-commerce, inventories, and virtually any kind of form or record.

Sesame's latest versions boast an upgraded form-based interface that builds on the software's well-established functionality and ease of use. A new feature, customizable Menu Button Navigation, gives you quick access to your programs and data. A left-hand tree view makes it easy to access each database and create custom applications from it. Sesame saves developers a lot of time because they can use programming code instead of recording macros or using other out-of-date methods. Version 2 upgraded so many of Sesame's features and added so many new ones that it's not possible to adequately summarize them, but there's an excellent Help file and online assistance, including documentation, and even printed material with the retail box version.

Sesame Database Manager is free to try for 30 days and costs $79. It works in most versions of Windows, from 95 to Vista, as well as in Linux. It installs desktop icons without asking and has a rather elaborate uninstall process. It's the best at what it does, and it does a lot.

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