Tilt to follow the Riddim Ribbon

Riddim Ribbon is a music game that attempts to move the genre forward using a tilt-based control mechanism instead of Tapulous' usual button-pressing system found in App Store mainstay, Tap Tap Revenge.

Riddim Ribbon attempts to move the iPhone music game genre forward using a tilt-based control mechanism instead of Tapulous' usual button-pressing system for playing along with the music in App Store mainstay Tap Tap Revenge. After playing a few rounds of Riddim Ribbon, it becomes clear that your enjoyment level largely depends on how much you like the music playing in the background. The concept is a lot like another music game, Audio-surf, in which you race along to the rhythm of the music. In Riddim Ribbon, your job is to keep a ball in a groove (like a needle on a record) by tilting your iPhone as the ribbon moves left and right on the screen. The ribbon can fork at certain points, changing the mix of the music depending on which path you choose. There are also opportunities to jump up to other optional platforms, which give you more points and provide still more variation in your mix. When you fall out of the groove, the music slows down and you lose energy, which can become a game ender if you pass through a checkpoint without full energy. Fortunately, it's fairly easy to bring your energy back up to full by returning to the path.

Riddim Ribbon seems more interested in promoting the music of the moment (in this case, the Black Eyed Peas, Tiësto, and Benny Benassï) than creating a challenging and innovative game. Riddim Ribbon does offer Black Eyed Peas mixes exclusive to the game, so fans of the band might be moved to buy this app for the exclusive content. You can also purchase additional tracks for 99 cents from within the game. After about two minutes of playing the game, you will have seen much that there is to see in Riddim Ribbon, with the gameplay revolving almost completely around tilting your iPhone left and right without much payoff. Perhaps fans of the Black Eyed Peas will find more to like about Riddim Ribbon (especially with the exclusive mixes), but this reviewer sees not much more than a vehicle to sell music and a lackluster game that requires little to almost no skill.

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