Space junk

If you like not having fun, you'll love this lame space game.

"That looks craptastic!" was the unsolicited, over-the-shoulder assessment of Space Fighter X11. Hopes that this colorful summary would prove inaccurate were dashed by several attempts at playing this game. The strolling critic was right: Space Fighter X11 is, indeed, craptastic.

The game's premise--frankly, we're surprised that the creators even bothered with one--is that the Wymacet Horde has attacked a space station, and players must investigate the damage. Aside from being told that the left mouse button shoots and the right accelerates, that's all we're to know about the game and how it's played; there's no other information and no Help file. It turns out that users must pilot a spacecraft down a long corridor, through a series of rings, dodging enemy fire--can you say "Death Star," Luke? Honestly, the graphics weren't really as bad as we'd expected them to be, but they weren't great, and the spacecraft was difficult to control. We can't say much about what the game's overall scenario since, despite multiple attempts, we couldn't get past the first level (we can only assume that the game has multiple levels) and we gave up. It was especially irritating to have to wait for the game to reload each time before we could play again.

Space Fighter X11 is free. It comes as a zip file but installs and uninstalls without issues. This game was poorly designed and not fun to play. We don't recommend it; there are better ways to entertain yourself.

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