Avoid this Snow joke

Don't waste your time on this media player.

We review a lot of poorly designed programs, so it's no small thing for us to declare Snow Player one of the single most irritating pieces of software we've ever encountered. From the tiny, confusing interface to the features that don't seem to work, we found this media player to be an utter waste of our time.

Snow Player's confusing interface is patently ridiculous. It's a small rectangle full of tiny buttons, and while some of them--the Play and Pause buttons, for example--were obvious, most are unlabeled. We did succeed in playing songs by dragging and dropping music files onto the interface, but that's about all we got the program to do. We think the program is supposed to play videos, but it didn't. We tried to connect to Internet radio stations but got an error message. We were interested in the program's recording feature, but once we made a recording, we had no idea where Snow Player stored it. The program has something that resembles an online Help file, but it makes very little sense, and you can access it only with a hotkey--there's no button on the interface. In the end, we found absolutely nothing to like about Snow Player, and we can't imagine why anyone would choose it over the multitude of other media players that actually play media files.

Snow Player is free. It comes as a zip file but installs and uninstalls without issues. We do not recommend this program.

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