Unintuitive scoreboard

Make scorekeeping a hassle with this poorly designed program.

Wrestling Scoreboard is a basic program that allows users to display and update an electronic scoreboard for wrestling. Unfortunately, the program's unintuitive operation makes it somewhat difficult to use.

The scoreboard itself is nice, with easy-to-read text and customizable colors. The opponents' names can be added to the scoreboard as well. If it were easy to operate we'd have no complaints, but unfortunately, that's where Wrestling Scoreboard falls apart. The program has a small welcome screen, which most users will likely click through without paying much attention. Users should pay attention to it, though, because this is the only place in the program that gives any indication as to how the program operates. On this welcome screen there are buttons for Help and Options, and also a message telling users to press H for Help. Once a user is past this screen, however, there are no menus, buttons, or other hints for how the program works. There's not even a way to access the Help file, aside from pressing H; if you weren't paying attention during the welcome screen, you'll have no idea what to do. Actually operating the program involves a series of unintuitive operations that will likely require a cheat sheet during a wrestling match. Overall, we found Wrestling Scoreboard disappointing and frustrating.

Wrestling Scoreboard is free to try but has a nag screen. It comes as a ZIP file but installs and uninstalls without issues. We do not recommend this program.

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