Self-help snake oil

Don't expect anything helpful from this terrible software.

Mystic Board is at it again, providing useless, atrociously designed software under the guise of offering personal insight and self-improvement. MB Motivation And Self Help is a suite of Mystic Board programs that we've encountered before individually, and we're sorry to say that packaging these programs together did not make them any less ridiculous.

The three programs included in MB Motivation And Self Help are Subliminal Message Software, Hypnosis, and Color Therapy. All three of these are encased in horrible interfaces that are cluttered with Mystic Board advertising. We started with the Subliminal Message Software, which was laughable. Users select things that they want to focus on--finding a mate, dealing with depression, and so on--and the program flashes related affirmations on the computer screen. The program's interface flashes at the same time, however, which interrupts whatever you're doing and surely distracts you from the subliminal message. Next we tried the Hypnosis program. This offered three visual focus items, a pendulum, a color square, and a color wheel, and users are supposed to somehow hypnotize themselves by staring at them. The Color Therapy section offered a handful of options for stress management, energy, etc., all of which consisted of staring at blocks of color for an extended period of time. Though all three of these strategies have the potential to be helpful if used correctly, the way that this program presents them makes it obvious that Mystic Board is more concerned with making money than helping people.

MB Motivation And Self Help is free. The program installs a desktop icon without asking and leaves a folder behind upon removal. We do not recommend this program.

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